Burt's Bees Coconut Foot Cream

On her way to jury duty, as Susan was gathering up her belongings after walking through the metal detector, she became involved in a short conversation with the officer who x-rayed her bag.
Susan was complimented on smelling 'like the first breeze of summer.'
The officer told Susan that his wife loved the fragrance of coconut, and what was she wearing? So, Susan opened up her bag & pulled out the Burt's Bees tube to show the officer.
She explained that it's very greasy and one only needs to use a smidgen.
When he asked how effective it was on dry skin she unscrewed the cap and motioned for the officer to extend his hand.
Susan placed a pea sized amount on the back of the officer's hand and instructed him to really work it into the skin, which he did.
Now they both smelled like the first breeze of summer.
Susan had an extra bounce in her step as she walked away to join her fellow jurors.

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