Your Invited To Look Stupid

Susan gets TWISTED in the worst way when she encounters poor punctuation. I mean, she gets totally f*cking crazy about this sh*t. Crazy!

Aren't the basics of punctuation taught in elementary school?

How is it that grown people who learned to speak and write English as their primary language don't know what apostrophes are used for?
If Susan has one apple and Jane gives her another then would Susan have two apple's?
No, she'd have two bloody apples!
Only if the apple owned something would it need an apostrophe.

Susan's TWISTED state extends to contractions, or the lack thereof, like the one she saw today printed on an invitation.
The very first word was a deplorable abomination, it read;
'Your invited to' blah, blah, blah.


Not you + are, which = you're.


Your invited to blah, blah, blah.

Doesn't anybody proof-read anything?
Particularly if they intend to mail it to everyone in their address book?

Holy crap, Batman. Susan needs a cocktail.

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Theresa said...

You need to have a chat with Chnoic, AKA grammar Nazi. You can both commiserate over grammar,punctuation and spelling faux pas'.
Famous Chnoic quote(age 11-12)after a visit with some friendly folks in W. VA "Jesus Mom if I heard one more double negative I was going to scream."
And she wonders why I used to tell her I was an alien.