Save The Date!

Does anyone else hate these vile little things?
Susan doesn't need to be told, eons in advance, that she'll be getting an invitation to something she doesn't wish to attend.
Another wedding?
Spare her, Sweet Jesus!

Two smiling, hopeful, untested faces peeking out from within a refrigerator magnet imploring us to Save The Date!
As if.
The only thing Susan might be even remotely excited about is the cake.

Her childrens' dentist should send her a magnet, it takes six months to get an appointment.

New love.
Susan's husband is fond of saying that it turns to old hate.
It's a little pessimistic, she knows.
But funny, considering how happy he is being married to Susan.

Save The Date!
But don't let Susan find one of these things in your kitchen.

1 comment:

Cupcake Murphy said...

I have an idea. Why don't people send a Heads Up Notice that there is going to be a Save The Date! card coming so I can move.