Susan Has A Monkey On Her Back

And it looks like little bags of peanut M&Ms.
She's been hallucinating because sometimes her monkey looks like Hershey Kisses or teeny bars of chocolate with crispy rice inside, none of which she really likes but neither does she really care.

Susan was toying with this bad habit during her sabbatical from the working world. She used to have a problem back in the day, but thought she could handle it this time.
Poor sap.
Susan fell face first into back into the life around Xmas cookie season. Lately she's been scoring during regular business hours, it's easy to get strung out when the hard stuff is all around her.

Susan is going to reach out before it's too late, while she's still a size 12. She knows some people the next town over who can help.
Every Tuesday night at 7pm, up on the scale.
It's going to be tough but if she's lucky she'll lose a pound a week and be outta there in two months.
God help her.


Cutie Judy said...

WW perhaps? Good for you! That is always my go to plan when the pounds creep up.

Currently I am going the exercise route to try to prop up some of this baggy old skin!

Best of luck!


Dawn in Austin said...

I hear you! My new BFF is Jenny, we meet once a week, too. Sadly, she's not as much fun as all my other wine drinking, cheese tasting BFFs.

♥ Braja said...


God will lead her to cookies cos that's what he wants :)

Anonymous said...

I think your monkey may be my monkey's uncle. They should have a family reunion and quit weighing us down on the scale!

Cupcake Murphy said...

You know the movie Drugstore Cowboy? That's me right before I tell myself "I'm just gonna have one Peppermint Patty."