Frank's Brother

Frank McCourt has gone to meet his Maker and even though Susan didn't like any of his books ('Tis true)
she wishes him well in his new endeavor.

Susan much prefers Frank's brother, Malachy the author of 'A Monk Swimming'. Malachy makes Susan laugh and uses words like spifflicated, querulousness, concomitantly, promulgating, desultory and avoirdupois. Susan knows what promulgating means because it was part of a couplet in a junior high school bathroom stall and has stuck with her for three decades. Some of the other words Susan has seen around the neighborhood but she really doesn't know them and two are flat out strangers.

Let's make friends with some new words, shall we?

1920s slang for drunk
Damaged beyond repair

A related form of QUERULOUS; inclined to find fault,
often complaining

Occurring simultaneously, accompanying,
existing with something else often in a lesser way

Announcing, making known

Lacking in consistency or visible order, disconnected

Excess body weight


Dawn in Austin said...

I love new words! And I'm sad to admit that I have a little case of avoirdupois. Dammit.

meg said...

I really like the word DESULTORY this week, as it's yet again a brisk week in July, making me feel a bit QUERULOUS. Thanks for enhancing our vocabulary!

Cupcake Murphy said...

I don't like Frank McCourt either. I also am not fond of Amy Tan.