Twisted Susan's Car

Recently much of Susan's life has been eaten up by her new career as a sweatshop seamstress.
As a result she hasn't had time to do anything other than work like a DOG.
But, she's managed to squeeze in a few things over the last twelve days, such as;
paint her toenails
plan a backyard camping trip
watch a movie with her brother
take a nice drive
bake eggplant, tomatoes & garlic in olive oil @ 500 degrees for 15 minutes
and participate in the purchase of a car.

For the last few years Susan and the husband had been in the habit of driving new cars. This was nice for a while but ultimately became a terrible burden which was relieved,
to some extent, by a tow truck. Immediately afterwards, Susan was happy to drive her little sister's van until it required too much money to repair. Lately, Susan and the husband had been sharing one car while they searched for a suitable used car. Susan was enthusiastic when the husband showed her a reasonably priced Volvo.
It was reasonably priced because it was made in 1993.
That's older than Susan's marriage!

The privilege of purchasing this car necessitated a trip one state over because there are no 1993 Volvos for sale in Susan's home state. This notwithstanding, Susan was excited because she would have her own car again. So, one evening last week Susan & the husband went to pick it up. Susan approached her new old car, stuck her face in the window and said 'It smells'.
Susan was not allowed near it again until yesterday when she spent an hour scrubbing the inside with one of her green cleaning cocktails. Then she drove it.

It runs good and goes fast. It doesn't have air conditioning but there's a working sun roof and power windows.
It doesn't have a cup holder but there's space to wedge her coffee cup between the center console and the seat.
It doesn't have a CD player but the speakers are good and Susan likes listening to the radio too.
Susan likes her new old car.


Dawn in Austin said...

Sounds like a gem. I've heard you can drive Volvos forever. What color is your new old car?

BTW? No air coniditioning? Do you live in Alaska?! CI think that would be the only place I could live with no air conditioning in the car.

Anonymous said...

My sister got a new old Volvo too! Rumor has it they are super reliable and last for absolute eons. COngrats!!