Susan and the husband made it across the finish line to their fifteenth wedding anniversary. What stamina!

What is their secret?
Be nice, tell the truth, apologize as soon as you figure out you're wrong. This is all pretty obvious. Susan has also established some bad behavior standards that she will not sink beneath, such as calling him names or embarrassing him. This has nothing to do with yelling & screaming at him like a crazy shrew, because making him mad is ok.

Susan has figured out how to keep her low libido from eradicating the romance in her marriage by limiting the amount of I'm too tireds in a given period.
Sometimes Susan even does things that she never did before, like make the bed every morning, just because she knows the husband likes it.

Susan doesn't keep quiet, she sez whatever she needs to say and she won't back off from a fight, but this only extends to the husband, with anyone else she backs off.

After so many years manacled together Susan is still interested in hearing his opinion on a range of topics. She might also request that he refrain from offering his opinion because she's trying to read the paper or listen to the TV or she just can't stand to hear him say one more word.

Fifteen years and Susan's not tired of her man yet,
but there's always next year.


Rural Rambler said...

I have been snooping around your blog since I started mine in early Spring. Seems like a good time to tell you how much I enjoy Susan, especially because she is twisted. I find myself able to relate to Susan frequently. I wanted to wish you a Happy Anniversary! I barely made it through college with my basement apartment-mate...I am at my 35th year with my husband AND he has been retired for 2 years! I think I pretty much follow your secrets to marital bliss.

Happy Anniversary! I love your blog.

Anonymous said...


We've made it 32 years this Christmas - and it's the second go 'round for both of us. We tell anyone that will listen, the secret is knowing there will be days when you wake up that you just won't like the other persons face. There is nothing wrong with that, you acknowledge it and go your separate ways for the day, and by evening (usually), you'll be back to normal. Only once in those 32 years have we both felt the same way at the same time, and that was touchy. But hey, that's pretty good odds.

Happy Anniversary!

Anonymous said...

Dear TS,

Congratulations on milestone 15. As you know, some days are indeed harder than others! As always thanks for cracking me up several times a week.

Dawn in Austin said...

You sound quite a lot like me! We just had our 13th anniversary. I asked my dad how many more years till I get a medal?

I don't call names, either, but that doesn't mean I can't get on his last nerve doing other things.



Thanks, guys!