Something Else Susan Hates

Susan had some banking to do today, something that required her to walk inside and seek assistance from an uncooperative drone behind a desk.

Susan has a long history grappling with passive-aggressive bank personnel. If they can tell Susan NO they find a way to do it then ask with a have a nice day smile on their stupid face if there's anything else they can help Susan with today.

Susan felt anxious during the drive over, by the time she got to the parking lot she was full-on aggravated. She walked into the bank with the same look on her face she probably has when she picks up dog poop.

The bank was hopping. Tellers were informing bank customers of their eligibility for a bank credit card that offers points for some bullsh*t or other. Susan knew that they were only eligible to be tricked then brutalized, poor slobs.
She wanted to scream Don't do it! but she's not crazy so she didn't scream.

The bank was set up with the tellers in full view and the customer service offices down a hallway, out of view. If the offices couldn't be seen, neither could the customers be seen by those in the offices.

There was no one assigned to say Hello, how may we help you?
No one assigned to give a sh*t.

Susan stood around with her arms folded across her chest and her dog poop face on. She descended into TWISTED anger at the prospect of giving the last & only bit of her money to people who ignore her.
F*ck them, she walked out.

Tune in next week to hear Susan's opinion of doctors' office staff.


Dawn in Austin said...

I can't wait to hear about the doctor's office staff. I can't stand them. It gives me high blood pressure to go to the dr. and wait an hour for my appointment that I was on time for. The same appointment that I would be charged for if I were to miss it. Yeah, that one. And do they tell you when you check in that the Dr. is running late? So that maybe you could grab a bite to eat or something while you wait for an hour, or even change the appointment because you might have to get back to work or something? No, they don't do that.

Oh, sorry Susan! You were saying something about the doctor's office?

Anonymous said...

OK, I am laughing so hard I'm crying! I'm lucky, my dr. likes me so much instead of prescribing stuff on the phone she'll have me come in to make her laugh. Plus she thinks a shot of Gray Goose is OK.

I will stay tuned..... PS. On-line banking rocks. I go like twice a year.