Tattoo You

Susan grew up in the seventies when girls didn't get tattoos. At least not girls in her neighborhood or the next few adjoining neighborhoods. Susan considered getting a tattoo through the eighties but she couldn't figure out where to put one, then she was afraid of getting AIDS then she went back to not knowing where to put one.
She ultimately gave up because there's so many reasons for Susan not to be tattooed.

The one thing above all else that has kept her unmarked is the blue ink, she doesn't like how the black ink turns blue. Another thing is Susan's fear of pissing herself at first sight of a long haired guy with a vibrating needle.

Susan remembers the first tattoo that impressed her;
a large, open winged eagle spread across the bicep of a young woman. This was eons before girls started showing up all sleeved out.

The silliest series of tattoos Susan saw were bands inked across the upper arms of some pretty young things in bridesmaid attire, forever branding them 1995.

This evening, Susan's (relationship deleted to spare their mother) paid a complete stranger to stab her in the hip with ink filled needles. Susan is thankful for the decision of (relationship deleted) to confine her body art to a personal spot, one that wouldn't be peeking out from anywhere forcing Susan to roll her eyes.


Dawn in Austin said...

I have no tattoos, either. Can't figure out what I would "love" forever.

Three kids = 11 tattoos (none of which say Mom, btw) 2 lip rings, one nose diamond, one "Monroe", and one nipple (oh, how I wish I did not know about that one!) piercing.

I think I'll just hang on to my plain vanilla body with no extra sprinkles, thankyouverymuch.

Deidre said...

you go! I've never had any real desire to get a tattoo a. I am pretty sure I'd be allergic to the ink and b. I do know what i'd get. I'd get that kid from the children's book "the night kitchen" tattoo'd on my inner ankle. maybe. although just thinking about it makes me queasy.