Church, Week 6

Who were those people sitting in front of Susan who kept touching throughout the service? They were no kids, they were parents of teenage children for crissakes!

As she has previously mentioned the Church of Susan's Experiment is small and anything happening in the pew ahead of Susan will be happening in her personal space. So, hugging, touching, hair stroking, scooting unusually close together, all this is right in her face. Perhaps they came directly from their Marriage Encounter weekend. Whatever.
Susan likes her spouse as much as the next frustrated over-extended tired suburban working mother and is content to hold his hand in close social situations, but enough with the touching.

Susan thinks church is growing on her.
This week she liked how they sang a gospel song in a white people way.
She almost got her son to investigate the youth group after the service.
Maybe next time.


Cupcake Murphy said...

You said Marriage Encounter.

Dawn in Austin said...

I've always wondered about people who thought cuddling in church was acceptable. hunh. Glad you're not hating it.

Am I doing okay? said...

Hi Susan! What a treat to catch up on all your blog today. Can't wait for week seven.

Anonymous said...

I really like your reference to Marriage Encounter! It makes me feel a little warm and retro.