Day 17 finds Susan making Deb's spaghetti squash.
She hasn't tasted it yet because the squash is still resting but the husband has already declared that it 'smells good'. That's because butter, garlic, cumin, coriander, cayenne and seasoned salt smell good.
Susan's low on enthusiasm and ideas tonight. She's been having a devil of a time at her job as a sweatshop seamstress and still feels as though she might have a f*cking heart attack at any moment if she doesn't have a f*cking stroke first.
Susan also wants to climb into her big soft bed and stare into space as soon as she can.
Susan can't think of anything funny to type.

(Courage was kind of funny)
What's the frequency, Kenneth?


Anonymous said...

Your fan base appreciates the sweat equity for tonight's post.

Thanksgiving recipes are in vogue over the next week, and we all know Susan is a good cook that would love to share recipes.

Anonymous said...


whats the frequency Kenneth!

haven't heard that in a while

Cupcake Murphy said...

Boy do I hear ya. I ate rancid salad at my work Thanksgiving "luncheon" and spent the last 24 hours on the terlit thinking I have colon cancer. One bad case of the trots and I am all ready to prepare by Advanced Directive.