In Susan's chilly little corner of the universe it was warm on Sunday. For lack of anything better to do the husband proclaimed it Family Fun Day and handed everyone a rake. Susan wore a patch of skin off her hand in ten minutes,
a few people stepped in poop, and the yard got cleaned.
Susan even saw two ladybugs, unless the one inside was the same one that was outside then some mosquitoes showed up. How does that happen? They must reconstitute above a certain temperature. The husband played basketball in the street with the kids and time moved slowly, in a nice way.
Susan's front stoop is now swept and neat, colored lights frame the doorway and her threadbare welcome mat was recycled when she flipped it over.
A well placed sunny Sunday can make a big difference in Susan's mental outlook. At least temporarily.


Dawn in Austin said...

awww, your Sunday sounds so nice. It rained here all day long. The dogs, who do not like to go potty in the rain, kept coming to me with looks on their faces asking me to make it stop, cuz they have to pee.

Diane said...

I live in the same chilly corner of the world as you, and yesterday was a gift. I wasn't as productive, but I did get a long run in and enjoyed every glorious minute of the pretty day. Glad you enjoyed it too!

Anne said...

This weekend of 70 degree weather was prozac for the soul. I am a kinder, more capable me today, even though it's monday and grey. Good job on the yard. Wish I had minions to help with the raking. It looks like a layer autumnal dandruff out there, thanks to my super-sheddy oak.

PS: If this works, it means I have FINALLY cracked the code in how to sign up for comments. I've been trying...and reading!

Cupcake Murphy said...

Not that I know anything but one of my theories is that an attractive un-ratty doormat can make a huge difference in one's life. It's the little things that are big, I think. Or something.