As TWISTED, smart & funny as Susan may be she's unable to consistently come up with anything worth reading. Beginning right this second Susan has decided to enter NaBloPoMo and force herself to write a blog post every day for a month. Oy. Susan's better suited to WipeHerHineyEveryDay because she's pretty confident that she can work it into her schedule.

Susan's not sure what constitutes a regulation post with NaBloPoMo. Four sentences? She doesn't know if she can even think up four sentences every day and then squeeze them in between all the other things she's got to do, like;
managing her economic anxiety
wiggling her broken tooth
giving her elderly dog cookies for no good reason
muting all the television commercials
and making Hamburger Helper again for dinner.

This is barely even a post, but it'll have to do.


Rural Rambler said...

That will MakeMeReallyHappy. I will be enjoying a little bit of Twisted Susan everyday. I have serious worry and guilt issues about posting on my blog.Too much, not enough, why the dang heck did I say that(applies to comments too), and then there are long periods of Can'tThinkOfNotOneThing. That is when I slap a picture up to get out of my blog freeze. I am looking forward to Susan's blog post everyday.

Cupcake Murphy said...

Oh goodie. Sometimes there are writers who, even when they are writing about not being able to write, their basic wit CANNOT be prevented from appearing and they end up saying something poignant or funny or both. Go Susan go.

Anonymous said...

Susan, your fan base appreciates your heroic efforts. Twisted Haiku could work, I think?

Anonymous said...

Hey I am awaiting your church #7 update!

Also I have a blind, deaf 15 yr old Dachshund whose days are numbered!