Susan worked up a total sweat trying to figure out how to add the little Bossy's (No) Book Tour square. She's draped across a chair fanning herself right now.

Susan is displaying an unusual amount of faith by thinking that she can even get out of the house to go socializing with a bunch of bloggers. And, it's quite possible that she'll have nothing clever to say when she gets there. Sure, her BLAHg's filled with plenty of nonsense if you like reading about meatball hysteria and mangled grammar and bags of Craisins. Susan hopes that you're thinking; but Susan, you're so fabulous and funny! While that's true, she'd like to hip you to her secret weapon; editing. Susan edits the living crap out of everything she writes because she's not this entertaining right out of the gate. Really.

What happens if she's in a bad mood on blogger night? Susan's got some effective tricks for bad moods, but bad moods are still organic & take on a life of their own. She never knows what she's up against until she's up against it.

Neither does Susan know anything technical about blogging. It's tough enough to weave her magic using words, she doesn't have the mental capacity to include pictures. Oy, pictures bring a whole other level of involvement that Susan doesn't have time for.

What if the other bloggers want to talk politics? Susan truly isn't interested in hearing anyone's political opinion, plus she gets Libya and Iran confused all the time although she knows where Yemen is thanks to a map from Doctors Without Borders.
Susan's tuckered out from all her negative projection.


The Subtle Rudder said...

At least Susan lives in a place where bloggers congregate. I've had to resort to begging to get Bossy to come to my town.

I know what you mean about the in public thing, though. Who knows which you you'll get that night? I ride the introvert line; sometimes I am unaccountably ON! and stand back, because there will be large arm gestures and ninja karate kicks. More often, though, I am inert or shy or just can't clear the get-dressed-to-go-out hurdle. Oh, and crabby, I can be that, too.

Rural Rambler said...

Oh but this is exactly why I love Susan and her blog. Hmm, is it ok to say I love Susan and her blog? Someone on another blog was having a discussion not long ago about throwing our "I love yous" all around with too little thought, I tend to throw them around but they come from my heart. Anyhoo I am a shy kinda gal, moody with a little cranky and alot of funny thrown in.

I have been making little hints of a Missouree get together. If it ever happens I will probably sit there(after whining to Country Husband about why did I ever say I would do this)with a big goofy smile on my face and not be able to put two words together. Susan makes me smile and nod my head, she understands. And not to add any pressure on Susan(I know, I know)but pictures, oh yeah that would be fun.

Cupcake Murphy said...

Susan is so funny that Cupcake sometimes calls her sister to read Susan's blog over the phone and Cupcake's sister collapses from hysteria.

Anonymous said...

It would be very fun if Bossy comes to LI.
I am not shy,or quiet and you would be surprised how many people get annoyed by THAT!

Meg at the Members Lounge said...

I'm with you on the political stuff. It's about the meatballs, people that annoy us, and bits hanging out at Gilbert and Sullivan. Susan makes all this interesting and laugh out loud funny. Pictures? My imagination is howling at Susan's descriptions.

linlah said...

It appears that Susan and linlah have the same social disease and if they lived closer to each other they could be each other's compensation.