Karma blew Susan a kiss and arranged for her to be able to sit on the couch and spend ninety minutes with her new dandy best friend, Ruggles Of Red Gap.
No one except the dog was interested in watching a movie from 1935 about a English butler who ends up in the 'land of slavery' after his boss loses him in a poker game. So, Susan snuggled up to her favorite family member and watched an adorably charming Charles Laughton reinvent himself.
The End.


linlah said...

Charmingly delicious and intensely satisfying

Anonymous said...

We're into the "Thin Man" series of late - and have you seen the strange/funny "Miracle at Morgan's Creek"? My soon-to-be twelve year old says she wants to marry a man like Nick Charles - except one who doesn't drink.

Twisted Susan said...

Anonymous, what would Nick be without Nora, Asta and his cocktail shaker?
I've also got personal history with Miracle at Morgan's Creek but I'm keeping that to myself for now.