Susan spent the day in her PJs, a combination of the
t-shirt she wore yesterday underneath her work clothes, minus a brassiere, plus sweatpants.
Very comfortable for having nowhere to go.
Every once in a while the son would come in to bore her with details of the game he was playing and Susan noticed that he'd check out her t-shirt lightening fast without missing a beat of his monotonous, uh, monologue.

Susan just fills out her B-cup and that's only because she's gained some weight in her forties, she used to be able to go without a brassiere completely, but no more.
An unrestrained B-cup is a little sloppy but it isn't going to distract anyone for more than a split second.

Up until two years ago Susan used to walk around the house without clothes, not in front of windows or company, usually only because she was interrupted after her shower, before she got dressed.
Her kids didn't pay any attention, they'd seen it before.

Years ago when Susan was pregnant she thought about the type of mom she wanted to be. She wasn't warm & cuddly, she was a little stiff and had personal space issues.
Susan wanted to locate her inner hippie, she wanted to be comfortable with her unclothed body and all natural-ish. She wanted to be like the pictures in Joy Of Sex only with babies and motherhood and stuff.

Susan figured out how to create a much less stiff self and after a period of total discomfort with breast feeding found that she kind of liked it. She was much better being the mother of toddlers than she was as the mother of infants even though she let her son eat a screw and her daughter fall off the dining room table. She liked being naked when the kids were little and found it funny when they'd have entire conversations while staring at her pubic hair. Slowly they got older and still didn't give Susan a second look if they found her naked in the kitchen making coffee before work.

One day she mentioned this to her social worker friend and OMG, Susan had better quit that right now! because she was in danger of making her kids all twitchy and ax-murdery. Later when she told her husband about the ridiculous opinion of her social worker friend he agreed.
So, that was the end of Naked Susan.


Rural Rambler said...

Oh what a beautiful morning. Back home on my country couch with 24/7 intersweb reading TWISTED susan. Who needs that cold freakin' Florida? I have huge personal space issues that became even more hugely apparent in previously mentioned Florida. Unlike Susan I have not been able to come to terms with my personal space issues and will happily embrace them.

G-Man said...

Please tell Semi-Commando Susan, Thank You very much for visiting my blog today!
I can see that you don't take blogging that serious. If you DID, you'd be dangerous!
You have great potential, especially with a few pics...
Thanks Again....Galen

Deidre said...

oh! I don't think you'd have made them all twitchy and ax-murder-y. My dad and I showered together until I was like 10 (true story).

Twisted Susan said...

Hmmm...D, that's an interesting admission, but that's why Susan likes you.

Kathleen said...

Hi cousin susan. i was just thinking about this myself the other day. as i walked around my house like that in front of my 6 year old and 2 year old wondering when it is time to not be my inner hippie self anymore. and if i have already done some damage to the kids.