Susan's in between paychecks and got caught doing her food shopping in the dollar store tonight.
She stopped in for burritos and a bag of peppermints but ended up getting Hamburger Helper, tomato sauce, frozen cubed potatoes, green chilies, kosher salt and 48 ounces each of iced tea and a fake orange juice drink.
She would have bought more but she ran out of cash.
She went home to drink sangria and fix her third day of chicken leftovers.


Meg at the Members Lounge said...

I'm glad Susan had her sangria!

Anonymous said...

I recently met a friend at a dollar store who was doing kinda the same thing. Little did she know that although I could sense a tad bit of embarrassment as we spoke, that I had recently cleaned out all my old pocketbooks, the kid's bank, the car console, my desk drawer at work and stillll wound up putting two things back at the dollar store to buy fixins for dinner that night (and it was the 4th night that week that we ate that damn chicken again).
I think I really should go back to drinking so I can round out my meals with a glass of wine, too!