Susan attended a seminar one day this week instead of going to work.

Before she left, the husband handed Susan a modest number of bills for lunch money which she combined with what she had in her purse. She counted it then walked directly into the kitchen and made a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

Susan arrived at the seminar, eyeballed the complimentary breakfast bar, signed in then made the acquaintance of those sitting nearest to her; Raul, Kim and Virginia.
During the first break she went into the hall to get herself a cup of coffee and maybe something to eat. She picked up a plate, considered her choices and was poised over a muffin with the tongs when a uniformed gentleman stopped her. This was not Susan's food, it belonged to the other conference room. Holding her head a little higher than usual she returned to her seat and ate the peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

The lunchbreak came, Susan packed up her belongings and was headed toward her car when Raul, Kim and Virginia invited her to join them in the hotel's cafe. Susan was charmed by their offer and impulsively accepted knowing that she didn't have enough cash for a proper lunch.
What the hell, she had more than enough for coffee.

Susan read the menu in reverse, searching for the lowest number then following along until her lunch choice was revealed; Soup Du Jour for $5.
Alright! Susan would have minestrone soup with her coffee.
A mature twist to the liquid lunch.

The four acquaintances had a friendly lunch with plenty of interesting conversation. The bill came, Susan pulled out her bankroll and Kim started figuring out how much each person owed by dividing the bill into quarters.
Susan couldn't do a quarter of the bill, she could do exactly what she ordered + $2.75 for a tip.
Um, I have ten dollars.
Kim accepted Susan's money and recalculated the bill. Everyone was very nice and Susan spent the rest of the afternoon filling up with gas from her minestrone.


linlah said...

Afternoon gas and people who divide a bill equally can suck it.

Sharon said...

Ya, that "divide the bill by the number of people" only works when you ordered the most expensive thing on the menu! Good for you for speaking up instead of just letting them get away with it!

Rural Rambler said...

Susan has just hit a huge thing in life that puts me on a rant. I will be good here though and only say, "I don't want to pay for the tea, coffee, appetizers, salad, wine, most expensive entree and dessert that someBODY else ordered when I am drinkin' my glass of water with lemon and splitting with CH.(which is what we normally do all the time) NO I do not want to do that. NO!" That whole splitting the check thing equally whatever dang way gives me gas.

Rural Rambler said...

Why is it that when I visit Susan I feel like I can let my cranky side come out? There has to be some psychology thing to that. And I have a whole lot of cranky going on today.

Anonymous said...

Good for Susan sticking up for her lunch! We have meals with friends sometimes that end up being a major chore when the bill comes. I try to always ask for separate cecks. I hate paying for someone else's alcohol or dessert.

Meg at the Members Lounge said...

Susan channels all of our inner angst. It's inspiring!

Cupcake Murphy said...

There is nothing worse than paying for someone else's 9 dollar sprite when you're doing your best just to get by. Only A-holes do this passive freeload thing and it's got to stop. Susan has incited a riot and I am happy to participate.