Susan gets totally TWISTED anytime she's near people doing things she can't do;
Buying new clothes? Good for you
Going out to dinner? Fantastic
Planning a vacation? Go f*ck yourself

She can't enjoy her favorite fluffy sections of the newspaper anymore because she's only interested in articles about people living in poverty.
She's been having trouble regulating her bad moods and has to coordinate them with the husband so they don't have one at the same time.

This morning she stayed prone long past her alarm watching a silent movie because she didn't have the strength to throw her legs over the side of the bed and crawl toward the shower. She got to work an hour late, forgot her pocketbook, couldn't get her computer working till 4pm then came home to a broken window (Mom, I fell in that hole in the yard and my lacrosse ball popped up and broke the window) and not a drop of sangria left.
She can't take much more.


Dawn in Austin said...

Since I'm already considered a bootlegger for shipping booze to my mom, would you like for me to FedEx some sangria to you? I'd take the jail time for ya, no worries.

linlah said...

You are so lucky to be able to coordinate your bad moods. That's a skill you should be proud of.

Anonymous said...

Popped up and broke a window? I never used that one. I just blamed our brother. Worked all the time. Still does.