Susan wakes up each morning a full on TWISTED b*tch. She puts on her TWISTED b*tch face and stomps around the house making her TWISTED b*tch comments about everything in her line of vision.
Was that light on all night?
Nobody fed the dog again?
How long is that pile of sh*t going to sit on the table?
Is that a wet towel on the floor?

It's the husband's function as her life partner to receive the full force of her anger. Well, not the full force, but certainly a large portion of it. Disclosing every last thought in her head would likely be de-motivational for the relationship. In the same way, she doesn't want to know every opinion the husband holds about her. It's enough that she's got to be in the same room with him during the periods that she can't stand him. Like now.
She particularly can't stand the sound of his voice.

She would love to make a list for her modest fan base of all the things she can't stand about the husband.
OMG, she'd love to! But she won't because everyone in a committed relationship knows what she's up against.
On Wednesday we're plodding along being a supportive spouse and by Thursday morning we've reached our saturation point. Critical mass.
Even someone as special and giving and wonderful as Susan is given to fits of miserable TWISTED spousal hatred.
However, we all know that hatred signifies one still cares.


Grace said...

I'm thinking that you possibly might need a night out (at my expense of course - I read the 5/4 blog) with your oldest friend. Keep one day next weekend open.

sevedra said...

Love and Hate are two sides of the same coin. I like to think that coin is marriage.

ps: your comment box keeps telling me my open ID is invalid :(

Cupcake Murphy said...

If my dear husband (I currently do not loathe him) knew how many times I've plotted my escape to my own spotless one bedroom apartment he'd be flabbergasted.

Cupcake Murphy said...

p.s. I, for one, would value reading your list as it makes me feel less alone.