Day two and Susan is already bored with NaBloPoMo. She's hasn't shaken her pathetic envy of people with money and all she wants to do is fight with her husband about it. Thus far she has resisted but five minutes from now is up for grabs.

Susan has a compost pile in her yard,
here's a link go make one.
Day two, green.


Cupcake Murphy said...

You make me laugh my nose off.

Rural Rambler said...

Just wanted Susan to know that we have a compost pile. And that I appreciate her daily post. I can barely grind one out once a month. I think it's the weather. The humidity is making me cranky.

Dawn in Austin said...

If Susan can post each day, I can attempt to do the same. It still counts if I just copy hers, right?

Meg at the Members Lounge said...

Susan could not have picked a better color to blog about. Please DO write every day.