Has anyone seen Susan's green ribbed top?
It's sleeveless with a V neck and she likes to wear it with one of her black and white skirts. There's not too many places it could have gone to, it's either in the closet, somebody's drawer or the laundry,
except it's not. She extrapolated that the husband must have disposed of it after he washed & shrunk it, or poured bleach on it. Susan has enough anecdotal evidence to support her theory and dismissed the husband's claim that she's paranoid.
What nerve.
Susan needs all her clothes and can't go sacrificing even one little thing. She has a personal relationship with each top, bottom and inbetween. They do their best every day to prop her up and send her off feeling good.

She's launching an investigation.


linlah said...

That top was in my laundry basket but you can't have it back, it goes great with my khakis and it makes my eyes look amazing.

Cupcake Murphy said...

I recently concluded an investigation involving a missing white sock and as I suspected it had stowed away in the white sheet my husband did not shake out properly.

Deidre said...

Oh no...this sounds like an intriguing case!

I lost a shoe for like 4 months...it was an intense search and investigation, but then I found the shoe and it was all kind of anticlimatic.

Dawn in Austin said...

I believe your theory holds water, or bleach. I have seen similar crimes and know it happens more than people will admit. These crimes also tend to go largely unpunished. Shame.

Meg at the Members Lounge said...

Hmm, Twisted CSI.