OMG really, who saw Inception?
Not saw. Wrong word choice.
Who endured the punishing monotony that was Inception?

Was there anyone from Susan's modest fan base who was able to sit on their asses for the entire ten years it took for that movie to play out?

Susan will admit to liking some of the effects, particularly when Juno folded the city streets up and over her head, or when that guy was weightless and trying to kill those other guys. That was neat.
But the rest, oy.

The way Juno talked and talked and talked;
I know what's going on, you put everyone in jeopardy, blah, blah, blah. Enough!
And, DiCaprio and his dead wife being so in love. Really? They must have met in a teenage girl's fantasy.

Who cared about anything in that movie especially the end. Was it reality or a dream? Here's Susan's question for you;

Let's talk about something that Susan is totally interested in, Jersey Shore! She's got so many fave parts from last week's episode that she doesn't know where to start.
The tranny clothing store was fantastic, JWoww's outfits are the best, Susan is completely mesmerized by those boobs.
If JWoww's boobs had a show Susan would watch. Roni and Sammi are always good fun but Angelina is showing real talent for entertaining behavior. Susan knows that someone's going to get punched real soon but she doesn't know if she can wait that long. Oh, the agony of Jersey Shore angst!


Dawn in Austin said...

I saw Inception and loved it. But then, those are the kinds of books I read anyway. However, that being said, I'm over it now. It was all I could talk about for about 2 days and now I'm all, whatever. I go to the movies to be entertained and I was.

But listening to your commentary on Jersey Shore, I think that might be entertaining. I like listening to you rather than actually having to watch it. I can't wait to hear who gets punched.

sherry said...

Saw Inception. Hated. 20 minutes into it I stopped trying to understand it like it was real science. Really, I go to the movies to be entertained, I don't want to hurt my brain figuring out the whole dream within a dream within a whatever. And DiCaprio? If you washed that grease out of your hair and shaved the scrawny facial stuff, you could be kinda cute.