Susan thinks she's going to enforce a limit on how many words a person can speak to her per conversation. There's just too many she's got to listen to and half of them aren't necessary. This rule is applicable to many of her relationships but she's thinking of a few specific people.

Often she just walks away.

Susan doesn't need to hear extraneous details or listen to the conversator make their point more than once or provide a political opinion or speak on a topic with which they are unfamilar. It's obvious.
Don't make sh*t up and don't brag.
OMG, don't brag.
You will be evicerated.

Recently Susan was present while two co-workers were having a discussion involving space men vacationing on planet earth and a government cover up. Susan recommended that they continue the conversation in private because they sounded f*cking insane.


Anonymous said...

I tend to silent fart before walking away...but that's just me!!!

Cupcake Murphy said...

I am in the process of purchasing a law enforcement uniform for people who drone on for five hours about soy.

linlah said...

My meeting notes tend to always have this line: And then they started repeating what they had already said but used different hand gestures.

Meg at the Members Lounge said...

If someone tries to describe the plot and characters of a TV show, I actually hold up my hand, indicating the STOP all conversation immediately signal.

Dawn in Austin said...

If you were to put that on the ballot on November, I would totally vote for it. I would even organize a frickin rally! That's how much I think that is a good idea.

Anonymous said...

I love you just a little bit for this post, not gonna lie.