Susan and the husband were invited to watch a movie at Cousin Lisa's on Saturday night. Susan planned to make olive tapenade because she knows how much Cousin Lisa loves it. Sometimes Cousin Lisa loves the olive tapenade so much she eats it till she's sick. Anyway, after spending the afternoon in the thrift store with her little sister Susan didn't leave herself enough time to remove the pits from a pound of olives so she considered her options based on what she had in her fridge.

There were two beautiful mangoes and a big fragrant bunch of cilantro into which she could make a spicy sweet salsa. Unfortunately, the mangoes revealed themselves to be unripe little bastards and there was no way they could be the base for something anyone would want to eat.
That's ok because Susan had a third option.

She always has the ingredients in her cupboard for Layered Bean Dip. Amost everything comes out of a can & then gets put into the oven for 20 minutes.
It's fantastic.

Susan started putting the dip together.
When Susan climbed up on a chair to reach one of the multiple jars of salsa she keeps expressly for this purpose, she found none.

She came down off the chair screaming like a crazy b*tch. There was no f*cking way that every last jar of salsa was gone because she has lectured everyone in her household to the point of madness on how they must
when they eat the last of it.

Susan knows that her son likes the salsa. She's had seperate conversations, explaining in detail that the salsa is stored along with all the other Layered Bean Dip ingredients so that they are always available when she needs them and she doesn't mind if he eats the salsa as long as he ALWAYS ASK HER if he wants to eat the last jar.

So, to recap, there is a long standing rule that Susan's family;

  • UTILIZE THE SHOPPING LIST which is always hanging in plain view on the cupboard door
  • and a secondary, salsa-specific rule that she be forewarned if there is only one jar left and that she must grant permission for that last jar to be eaten.

Susan's screaming was long, loud, hysterical and punctuated with balled up fists and spitting.


Anonymous said...

yeah, I'd be pretty loud, hysterical and punctuated for a long time over that.
sadly, I live alone and when I discover something I always have on hand is not... I only have myself to blame :(

Rural Rambler said...

I only have ONE, ONE other person living in the house. For 36 years. That person still will not, does not UTILIZE THE SHOPPING LIST. Bah.

Dawn in Austin said...

I used to think I missed having teenagers in the house. Thanks to you, I find I really don't.

P.S. When we lived in Trinidad, we would eat a roadside food called Mango Chow. It was basically green mangoes sliced thin (like chips or fries) and soaked in a brine with hot peppers. Oh, so yummy. When I can catch the mangoes freshly delivered to the grocery, I can find some green ones to make this for the hubs.

Cupcake Murphy said...

Mangoes are the most yummy fruit yet the most hateful and unreliable---like your family.

Bee said...

I feel your pain......

Anonymous said...

Screaming and frothing with balled fists, now that's the big sista I know and love.