Susan used to drive a minivan.
She was totally taken by surprise the first time she ever drove a minivan because she immediately fell in LOVE with the minivan.
She doesn't even remember what she thought of minivans prior to falling in LOVE with one because the LOVE was so transformative that it completely obliterated all previous abstract thoughts and feelings about minivans.
There was only LOVE.

She filled her minivan with small children and their stuff. Then with girlfriends, their small children and their stuff. Then everyone drove somewhere together laughing and talking and being very comfortable.

Susan no longer requires the seating and space of a minivan and drives something reliably utilitarian that looks like every other car in the parking lot. She has a favorite bumper sticker advertising a local bookstore which she has been happy to slap on a number of her cars. She also has a least favorite sticker that makes her wonder about the person who chose it.

Always on a minivan.
Rear window, driver's side.
You know which one it is.
The cartoon lineup of the van owner's family and pets.

It starts out with the emascalating figure of a husband in shorts and mouse ears, then the bland mother in shorts & mouse ears and so forth.
Susan wonders what woman sees her husband as a sexless one dimensional line drawing and if she sees herself that way too.


linlah said...

Minivans with stick figures make me itchy.

Dawn in Austin said...

I loved my minivan, too! Back when I had children and they had stuff.

Now, no kids, no stuff, but the two dogs get to ride in the small SUV.

The only decals we have are US Coast Guard Retired and Ohio State Buckeyes.

Anonymous said...

Blahahhhaa minivans. The sliding door makes me laugh.

Anywho, I saw this bumper sticker on a minivan a little while back ...”Men are idiots. I divorced their king!”

She evidently ended up with the kids...they were wedged in there like sardines!

Cupcake Murphy said...

I hate those stick figure line ups more than those little cartoon guys peeing on various things.

WebSavvyMom said...

-->I hate those stick figures too. I see one set all the time that is a single mom, twins and two cats. I don't need to know this.