A cowboy opened the door, tipped his hat and smiled at Susan tonight. She doesn't know what he was doing in her neck of the woods but she loves cowboys now.

Susan's husband continues to bug her about her BLAHging and she continues to ignore him. He's obviously jealous of her talent and all the important things she has to say.

Susan recently purchased three tins of chocolate covered nuts which she's kept hidden behind a bottle of coconut rum. Every day she pops a few of the toffee almonds on the sly but pressed her luck when she took them out to share with the husband. The daughter heard the crunching and came in to investigate. She ate a few then returned the candy to Susan's secret hiding place leaving Susan no other choice but to wait till she was gone and eat the rest.

Lastly, Susan would like to leave you with Foxy Baby Boutique. Tre fabu!


Anonymous said...

Clearly, you had no choice. Well played.
I popped over to see who left such a lovely msg on my blog and formed a friendship with you the minute I read - Guinness loving. Say no more, let's go for a pint.
Glad to have found you.
Tina aka Three In The Bed

Little Girl::Big Glasses said...

Seriously, is there anything hotter than a cowboy? Okay, well, a gay cowboy is hotter usually than a regular cowboy. But that's really all.

Anonymous said...

I really would like to know more about this cowboy. Are you done with him?