Did Susan ever give you her recipe for NaBloPoMo Black Bean Brownies?
No? Well, today's your lucky Day Two.

All you need is 1 box BROWNIE MIX and 1 can BLACK BEANS.

Open the can of black beans, drain & rinse the beans. Drain and rinse the can.

Put the beans back into the can, fill the remaining space in the can with water.

Combine the contents of the can with brownie mix & bake as directed on the box.

Susan likes to take an immersion blender & really mess up the beans & the water before she adds it to the dry ingredients, but that's completely optional.

Susan just made these for her Ohio road trip and everyone in the car ate them even though they knew what they were made of.


Your Innkeeper, Sheron Scurlock said...

Perhaps Susan's car is fueled by methane?

Meg at the Members Lounge said...

Yeah Susan, did you pack the Beano too?

The Zadge said...

Oh...My...Gawd. Chocolate Beanies. I'm scared.