Susan woke up this morning and Wild Bill was on the couch, in town to see the old folks. This is how Susan's going to refer to her parents from now on, the old folks.
She's in the habit of using folks to describe people in general & has got to be able to differentiate her folks from regular folks.
The old folks won't like it but this isn't their blog now, is it?

Susan's not a people person in the morning, she barely tolerates her husband and he helps her get out the door with all her stuff and a cup of coffee. This morning there were too many people up and talking.
Too many.
Perhaps later, after she arms herself with a glass of wine, she'll be better able to withstand all the talking.

As it turned out she was correct.

Susan came home to find that the old folks went shopping, Wild Bill prepped the chicken cutlets & boiled the potatoes for mashing, the husband walked in the door with a gallon of sangria & salad, and little sister brought the ginger ale and all the fixin's for apple crisp. Everyone got to work frying, mashing, setting, clearing, peeling, baking, washing and enjoying each other's company.


Melissa said...

Your Dad looks mean....like Harley mean...like he left his bike outside and will fuck your shit up if you even look at it.

Dawn in Austin said...

Wild Bill looks like you.

So glad the family, with the help of wine, was able to get together and help with the meal.

The Zadge said...

It was hard for me to see Wild Bill in the picture...I think he was camouflaged.

Cupcake Murphy said...

I want to start saying "supper" instead of dinner.