Susan has been poised over her keyboard for the last eight days, uninspired.

During that time she attended Acme Sweatshop's swanky holiday party, sat in an auditorium filled with mom jeans to watch her daughter play clarinet, made a fantastic smoked oyster and shrimp gumbo and read through three weeks of saved Style sections.

She also received a wonderful musical present from Patti, went Xmas shopping with her little sister, and forgot to bring her lunch to work a bunch of times.

Here's Susan's Xmas wish list, already provided to the husband;
Wish #1
Wish #2.


Anonymous said...

ooooo! i like those solid perfume thingamagigs! sounds yummy smelling, and fun.

Dawn in Austin said...

The gumbo sounds good! Except for the oyster part.

Meg at the Members Lounge said...

Oooh! I love the solid perfume. Which one to pick?

Anonymous said...

May we have the gumbo recipe? It might do for the Italian Christmas Eve fish blow-out.
My Lily-aged daughter also "plays" clarinet - Her music teacher is an alum of the middle school and her parents have been in the audience each concert since 1984. They were introduced and thanked by Mrs. G, the principal. All the mommies collectively teared-up and went "awwwwwww....."
Was there enough snow your way for a snowball?

Anonymous said...

Oh, and you didn't tell what you wore to Acme's swanky party. AND:
be sure to let us know if you do, indeed, get the Wizmo.

patti said...

Awww. I'm glad you like it.