Susan made chicken salad from the dark meat no one ate at dinner. To minimize how unappealing all dark meat chicken salad is she threw in a bunch of nonsense like Craisins, walnuts and cilantro. As she was adding orange zest, she accidentally zested her knuckle.

This was to be tomorrow's lunch. She wanted to eat it with crackers, but she had none. Susan had been wanting to make crackers since she watched Mark Bittman make them, so she made some.

On their way out of the oven she dropped a pan and the crackers hit the floor. Susan slid them back into place and went to pick the pan up with her bare hand. Susan watched two of her fingers blister immediately; big puffy white blisters that took almost thirty seconds to send the message to her brain that OW, THEY HURT.

She reflexively reached for the small stash of Vicodin left over from her dental surgery. Reflexively? Immediately and without thinking she reached for the Vicodin and ate one, then she removed the dog hair from her crackers. It took another half hour for that loopy, boozy sensation to arrive but by that time she was in bed watching Celebrity Rehab.


The Zadge said...

I love you. You know I do. But the dark meat chicken salad? Baby J of B, I'd rather sit and try to have a conversation with Orange-Face-Ex-Wife of whatever his puffy face name from "Party of Five" is than eat it. Bu the crackers sound good.

Dawn in Austin said...

I'm a dark meat person. I'll eat it. Well, maybe not, because of the zesty knuckle.

Meg at the Members Lounge said...

My mother insisted on stripping all the dark meat from my Thanksgiving turkey, claiming it was delicious. Meg did not think so.

Also, leftover drugs. Love the muscle spasm ones still sitting in the cabinet.

linlah said...

A woman after my heart, zested knuckle Chicken Salad with homemade crackers with a Vicodin shot, Top Chef here you come.