Susan turned on the TV at the exact moment the Barefoot Contessa whipped out a puff pastry.
Oh, yes!

Pesto and goat cheese and sundried tomatoes and toasted pignolli.
It just got better and better!

Susan finds the Barefoot Contessa's conversational style to be very soothing. If only Susan could vault the ten foot hedge out in East Hampton and be Ina's friend. She might even help Susan meet Alec Baldwin.

Susan never revealed that she went to high school with Alec Baldwin, did she? He was two years ahead of her so the closest she ever got was to pass by him in the hallway. She can't explain why she was aware of him at all because she didn't associate outside of her grade. She wasn't involved in sports or the drama club or anything extra curricular. She didn't have a boyfriend or friends with boyfriends. Who knows.

It will have to remain a high school mystery. But there's no mystery to her obsession with puff pastry.
That is a love of pure, flaky butter.


The Zadge said...

Susan is from Chapapequa? Okay, I totally know I spelled that wrong and it sounds more American Indian than that, but doesn't that also mean you went to high school with Billy, and the other two brothers whose names I can't remember, but one is a lush and one is a born-again nut? Dang girl, you are practically a star!

Anonymous said...

You need to check in with Diane at fat-girl-to-fit-girl for Baldwin boys stories. You must have been in school with her, too. I forget which Baldwin was in her grade.

Now, I wonder if any Baldwins eat puff pastry? There's a good story in there somewhere for the tabloids.

Cupcake Murphy said...

I love when Ina strolls amongst her fresh herbs and sometimes when she wonders out loud who will join her for the meal she's cooked I scream "ME, Ina, ME!"

Meg at the Members Lounge said...

Ina is like a half a xanax with a soothing wine chaser. Meg also knows someone that went to high school with Alec as well. It's 6 degrees of separation, Susan.

myinnerchick.com said...

loooooooooooove the "Barefoot Contessa!" And your blog cracks me up, Twisted Susan....

Diane said...

I went to school with Alec Baldwin too. My locker was right next to his. I was a year behind him.
How did we not know each other in high school? Or did we and we just don't remember?