Susan's family was in need of summer staples including sneakers and underwear so they went to the outlets on Saturday. Is there anything more suburban than the outlets?
Maybe the food court.

The food court at the outlets offered Susan a limited amount of unappealing choices for her lunch. She rejected flaccid pizza, slimy Chinese and $7 egg salad sandwiches. The husband sensing danger investigated why Susan didn't have a try of food in front of her.

'There is nothing I could possibly eat in this place, one thing is greasier than the next.'

Just then, an overweight woman at the next table, picked up her giant soda and plate of disgusting food and moved from within earshot of Susan.

In the meantime, the husband knew exactly what Susan needed and got her a chili cheese dog from Nathan's. It was fabulous!


Deidre said...

Gah, it's nearly impossible to find yummy food at the food court isn't it?

In Australia there is a food chain called Ali Baba and they have felafel wraps that I would sell my first born for probably.

Meg at the Members Lounge said...

Susan, that reminds Meg to write about the time she had to attend a soiree at an amusement park with the husband's family; they thought DINING should be included the in evening events. Glad your dog was good.

linlah said...

Yum, Nathan's.