Alright, alright, calm down everybody. No black walls.

Susan's little sister recommended Susan paint the kitchen the color of Lucy the Lucky Pit Bull which is such a dark brown it may as well be black. Susan thinks she's just going to choose something a few shades darker than the newly painted cabinets and be done with it.

In the meantime Miss Twelve helped her father install a new linoleum tile kitchen floor. Susan was onsite during the critical initial stage to argue about how they should be placed. When she saw how enthusiastic and capable the daughter was Susan left the room to search for Celebrity Rehab on TV.

When she returned she was impressed with their progress, almost half the floor was done. Under closer inspection it was determined that the tiles were only sort of straight. Susan pulled them all up and made the team start over, this time under her supervision.

Miss Twelve displayed a wonderfully professional demeanor, free of complaining or pouting or anger. She stuck with it & finished as much of the floor as she could before everybody got sick of the project and quit for the evening.

Oh, and Susan would like everyone to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to her mommy.


Patti said...

Happy birthday, susan's mommy! I painted all my walls awesome colors: mushroom brown, turquoise, real red, concord grape purple, navy blue... Black and dark brown are def. in my realm of normal.

Deidre said...

Wow - I would never had considered black walls.

I've only heard horrible things about installing tile.

Dawn in DC said...

Happy Birthday, Susan's Mommy!!

As much as I like painting and decorating, I draw the line at replacing tile. Miss Twelve shows an awesome determination. Good on her.

Meg at the Members Lounge said...

Happy Birthday Susan's Mom! And congrats to the aplomb of Miss Twelve; Meg used this think her parents were headed for divorce court every time they wallpapered.

Susan's Mommy said...

Thanks for the Happy Birthday wishes.

Kathleen said...

happy birthday cousin joanie a few days late.