Black outs are so boring.

How many games of Bananagrams can one person endure? When the daughter dragged out the puzzle Susan opted to wash all the dishes instead. After the dishes she went down to the river to beat the clothes on a rock then she took a cold shower.

Heaven help her.

When Susan’s little sister invited the family over to her house they grabbed everything that had a power cord & sped away from Frontier Town.

It was little sister’s 23rd wedding anniversary and the hurricane necessitated the cancellation of her weekend plans to hook up with her husband who still works and lives two states away. Instead, the two families, minus one brother in law, made a lovely dinner then watched Jersey Shore.

When Susan’s crew returned home to the pitch blackness of their neighborhood the son commented about the amount of stars that could be seen in the sky and how the longer you looked at them the more of them you could see.

It was a very nice observation.


Where the Fur Flies said...

It's good that you didn't get blown or swept away.

linlah said...

Stars are so under rated.

Deidre said...

Stars are so pretty, I am fascinated by the night sky in Australia because it's so different from the northern hemisphere one!