Susan came home for the second day in a row to an awful smell in her house. She assumed it was a combination of closed windows, farts and the dog but soon suspected that was not the case.

Everyone in the house smelled the smell, except for the husband whose nose is for decoration only. Susan sniffed her way from room to room asking each member of her family if they knew what a dead mouse smelled like. No one knew.

Her nose led her to the space underneath the sink; ground zero. The smell made her stumble backward and drew her children in to yell ‘Ew, it SMELLS!’ Even the husband caught a whiff and came in to investigate.

A small leak from the new sink & faucet ended up as a tub of thick, cloudy, stagnant, stinky water. Susan handed off the disposal & cleanup to the husband and fled.


Carey Brown Strombotne said...

susan is smarter than the average bear.
ps, ew,ew EWWW!

Cupcake Murphy said...

This evening I was in an upscale market in LA called Bristol Farms and it smelled like POOP. I could have used Susan.

linlah said...

Susan smelled it husband handled it. Win...Win.

Kathleen said...

i lead my little one to my husband when he is home with a diaper in hand. just so he gets to enjoy what i get to do everyday!