Susan opened  her laptop to find an e-mail from her son's Italian teacher. Wonderful!
No doubt she was writing to let Susan know how much she enjoys  having the kid in her class.

Hmmm, that wasn't the case.

The most notable aspect of the communication, other than the son's collision course with failure, was that she was the first teacher to ever give Susan a heads up to anything. Honestly, the first.
Susan has always had to contact the teachers to talk about her kid, never the other way around.

Anyway, contrary to the way she was raised, Susan had a calm conversation with her non Italian speaking underachiever. They established that he would attend weekly extra help, study for all tests and quizzes and be plunged into a black pit of despair if he fell below a predetermined grade point.


Dawn in D.C. said...

This tugged at me, because I have been there. Again. And again. But now I'm done. There is a finish line. I promise.

P.S. Good on you for not taking his head off. I know I was tempted. Many times.

Joey Polanski said...

Must be pleasing to hear him call ya "mama mia," yes?

Cupcake Murphy said...


Meg at the Members Lounge said...

You'd think pizza and spaghetti would be enough to spark a kids interest in Italian? Bravo for being calm, Susan.

Bee said...

Welcome to the club Susan......now how many more years till Junior graduates? My little precious is a Senior this year - and we've been down this road many times......It does get better - in fact just a couple of hours ago I received a picture text message of a paper on which Precious received a 90! He's living large this year! Now I only have 9 more to go for the other Precious and then it's off to the nursing home for us!