Chupa Chups

Susan's got a favorite lollipop; Chupa Chups.
She can't always find them, so she stocks up when she does. 

Susan favors the slow release of sugar that hard candy provides & keeps a stash of suckables in the bottom of her bag, in her car, on her desk and in a back up bag locked in her drawer. She's happy to share, so come on by & maybe you'll score some little espresso candies, or Werther's hard caramels (nothing sticky for Susan's delicate dental situation) or mints with chocolate in the middle.

She doesn't generally share the Chupa Chups.


Dawn in D.C. said...

I had a cat once who LOVED to lick a Chupa Chup. She was a weird cat.

Pix at Under the Oaks said...

OhMyGosh I have never heard of them! Geeeesh! now I am going to have to scout some out so I can see why Susan picked them as one of her favorite things. Maybe I can find them in the BIG BIG CITY. Last experience with a sticky lollipop I managed to chip my two front teeth. Speaking of favorite things, I am going to be more than a teensy bit sad when November is over :)