Susan would like to take a day off from her Nablopomo inspired favorites and catch up with her bloggy pals because she misses them, and she misses keeping them informed of the mundane minutiae of her life.

First, she'd like to send all her animal lovers over to Maggie's blog to read this post.

Next, she feels like she's on an ice floe floating toward the Department of Labor website. It appears that Susan's best is not cutting it at Acme Sweatshop.

Of late she has fantasized about being unemployed; greeting her medium-large sized children when they get home in the afternoon, working through all the recipes in her binder, throwing sticks in the yard for Lucy to fetch, reading a book, keeping the bathroom clean.

Anyway, she'll keep on keepin' on and see what happens.


Dawn in D.C. said...

Be careful what you wish for. Being unemployed isn't all soap operas and bon bons. Okay, maybe it is, if you're a stay at home like me, but if you're used to the money, being unemployed sucks. This comes from the hubby who knows what he's talking about. (Loves his new job, btw)

Oh and P.S. Keeping bathrooms clean is a pipedream. They never get/stay clean. Period.

Meg at the Members Lounge said...

Keep on, Susan, keep on. I love how you call it Acme sweatshop like on Looney Tunes.