Susan and her daughter enjoyed a lazy weekend by themselves. The daughter finished up her Advent calendar, folding and decoratively numbering 25 little construction paper boxes to be filled with candy. However, in the time it took her to complete this overdue Xmas craft the family had ransacked the candy leaving only a few dark chocolate kisses.

They made some pretty unspectacular gingerbread cookies causing Susan to reconsider going back to this recipe and just keep the lubricating ingredient a secret. Much better was Pam's big linzer cookie.  

Falafel dinner was provided by Kelly's blog. The daughter is now a falafel eater, even opting to use the yogurt sauce over ranch dressing while Susan was impressed with her own substitution of peanut butter for tahini.

Yes, it's obvious that there's nothing much going on at Susan's house, but she doesn't mind. She likes spending a weekend in her stretchy pants doing very little. She knows folks who are currently wrestling with terrible, awful losses, for whom the solace of a boring weekend is light years away.

Susan may even treat herself later on and bust out the ironing board.


patti said...

I just bought 5 more pairs of stretchy pants, bringing my total to 7. I might as well be comfortable every day, right? Can you post your felafel and dressing recipe?

Twisted Susan said...

Click on the purple falafel in the post, it's a link to the recipe.

Where the Fur Flies said...

I would love a day like Susan's, although I'm thankful that I'm not one of those who are wrestling with a big loss.

Frugal Vegan Mom said...

The calendar project is very impressive, considering you can buy one at Trader Joe's for like $2. But maybe Susan isn't lucky enough to live by a TJ's?

Also, yes, my heart soared just a little to see my blog inspired you to make veg falafel.

Cupcake Murphy said...

Days in stretchy pants are, to me, how leprechauns feel about pots of gold.