Susan had an epiphany on the first day of the new year, if anyone can remember that far back.

Susan was in cousin Lisa's kitchen peeling turnips and squash for soup with a vegetable peeler so f*cking magnificent it was like a piece of surgical equipment.

The oversized soft grip handle provided excellent leverage and control and the peeler easily removed the hard skin of the rounded winter vegetables in a way that mesmerized Susan.

The vegetable peeler got into her brain and started a chain reaction of thoughts leading her to the conclusion that she was just as deserving of a beautiful vegetable peeler as anyone! Susan's own vegetable peeler is a decade old and of basic construction, it has never occurred to her to trade up.

Susan thought about a few of the lower end items in her kitchen such as the plastic mat on which she chops her vegetables and the utensil drawer organizer she made out of shoebox tops. It's very practical but looks like it was made out of shoebox tops.

Often Susan likes to make do with what she has on hand instead of spending money, particularly if it's very utilitarian. That's how she ended up with her dining room seating. But this vegetable peeler went to the core of her self worth. She peels vegetables on a regular basis and why shouldn't she have a f*cking magnificent peeler to aid her in that drudgery? Or a beautiful cutting board on which to chop her vegetables, which she does even more often? Or a bamboo drawer organizer for a drawer that she opens more often than she peels or chops vegetables?

She should have these things, and as soon as her current state of being broke ends she will!


The Zadge said...

Don't let those Sex and the City beeotches fool you - good kitchen tools make a woman feel much more fabulous than a pair of damn Jimmy Choos.

Meg at the Members Lounge said...

You go girl! Get that peeler and feel like a princess in your kitchen.

Cupcake Murphy said...

I have a super sonic can opener from what I think might be the same magical brand---XOX. I purchased one for my sister this Christmas after I saw her old jalopy can opener and it has changed her life.

Frugal Vegan Mom said...

Susan should have those things NOW! And good knives, good knives are essential to enhancing the cooking experience.