Susan's on vacation this week!
Before you get all excited, she's spending it at home with the old folks who came up from Florida to sleep in her basement.

Every day Susan and the old folks discuss what they'd like to do the next day observing the following criteria;

  • that they not leave on time
  • that someone change their mind about the destination 
  • that Susan's father ultimately decide he'd rather not go
  • that the place be closed when they get there
In the meantime everyone's eating lots of ice cream and waiting for Wild Bill to hit town.


Frugal Veagn Mom said...

My sister just started dating a guy who's already got stuck being called "Wild Bill" because they met at a western bar called "Cowboy Jack's".

He's coming up to the cabin with our family for the weekend, so we will see just how wild he is.

Mrs. Tuna said...

I'm waiting for In Law overload next January during Sheldon's wedding. Shudder.

- Rachel Williams said...

Hahaha. Those silly vacations are just too cool for themselves.

Cupcake Murphy said...

It has to be humid, too.