Susan's hatred of Facebook is well documented somewhere in her BLAHg posts. Every year she commemorates the day she deactivated her account by feeling superior. However, when Susan wanted to sign up for pinterest she had to sully herself once again with the undesirable FB.
There was no way around it except thru Twitter which is a word that makes her feel silly even to think about.

She put it off as long as she could then reluctantly made a new FB account and threw up.  After consideration Susan invited her little sister to become her sole friend in order to have access to her pictures then tightened up her privacy settings so that no one could find her. But, that's not really possible because FB is all about finding people. Within an hour she had two friend requests from her oldest and dearest, and declined them both. Then her little sister started tagging her in pictures which started people commenting about the pictures which generated more friend requests from her actual friends.
This was a disaster.

Obviously Susan doesn't know how to effectively manage her settings and will have to employ one of her children to assist their doddering old mum.


The Zadge said...

I hate: The Face, Google+ (the worst!), The Pin, Instagram, and The Twit. Of all of these soul-sucking sites, the only one I really check is The Face. Oh, don't get me wrong - I abhor The Face. But less than the others.

Where the Fur Flies said...

I hate Facebook, and yet I end up there every day. I do love Pinterest, but I don't think I have any connection between my Pinterest account and Facebook. ... never did get the appeal for Twitter.

Frugal Vegan Mom said...

FB is scary but I have to admit it can be useful for some things. I belong to neighborhood and la leche "groups" on there and have gotten lots of good advice, , bought and sold things, etc. when needed.

I don't get Pinterest at all though. My sis showed me her "board" and it just made me dizzy.

Don't even get me started on Twitter. Ick.

Cupcake Murphy said...


Sandra said...

Ok, I loved you and then I read this post...As a FB and Twitter addict, I have no idea what you do with the rest of your day, but I will keep reading just to find out how many times you twiddle your thumbs in a row.
Still Love you despite...

Kathleen said...

So where can we find your new pinterest page? I found yUr Facebook. Love your profile picture.