Susan's Le Creuset is old news guys, she's been using that for months to make chili and chowder and things that simmer in sauce. She's talking about gleaming, silvery stainless steel. Susan is now so fancy that she's got two expensive pots.

The stainless steel replaced her non-stick fry pan, it's big with deep sides and is good for almost everything that a person needs to do on the stove. It browns like a sonofab*tch then cleans up like magic. She's not kidding when she sez like magic, even the rotten kids clean it.

Susan opted not to get a whole set of stainless steel pots because she only likes to have what she needs. Plus her storage is out in the open and she has limited ability to look at all that sh*t without going nuts.

Editor's note:
Thank you guys for being interested in hearing about Susan's cookware, this is what she chose.


Where the Fur Flies said...

You can try to change the subject back to what you were talking about, but when people here Le Crueset, they stop reading. You can't compete with Le Crueset.

I've been looking for good stainless steel pots for a while - something with a handle that won't get hot while sitting on a gas stove. What kind did you end up getting? I'm like you and only want a few key pots and not a set. So far, I haven't found what I like.

Twisted Susan said...

All Clad is the supreme mystic ruler of stainless steel but I couldn't allow myself to spend that much money. I came close to choosing Emeril Lagasse's Pro Clad but ultimately opted for Calphalon's 5 quart saute pan. I wanted my pan to have a little helper handle and a glass lid so that I can see what's going on when it's covered.
That's my story, wasn't it interesting?

Meg at the Members Lounge said...

I love Susan's cooking tales. I too, would never buy a complete set. Mix and match is the way to go, sista.

Pix at Under the Oaks said...

Susan I bought Calphalon Contemporary last year to replace my QVC Cook's Essentials. I hate it. BUT, mine does't look like yours and mine is non-stick and it is the non-stick part of Calphalon that is making me pull out my already falling out hair. Buying the whole set was indeed a BIG mistake. I am going to buy by the piece now as each non-stick Calphalon bites the dust. AND after clicking your link, thank you very much, I will be considering the Calphalon you purchased. I just feel all chatty today.