Susan juiced 15 limes for the sheer joy of it. 

Of course she'd be all set if a rogue cocktail party broke out, but her beloved lime juice enjoys other legitimate uses; drizzled over apple slices that travel with her for a workday snack, mixed into Heinz ketchup along with chipotle for a vibrant condiment, combined with powdered sugar to make a limey glaze for her banana bread and lastly into her tea, ho hum.

At the very slim juncture after she juiced her limes but before she threw out the carcasses, she read an article on how to clean your bathtub with a grapefruit. Susan's enthusiasm for homemade cleaning products began four years ago when she was unemployed so, the grapefruit thing intrigued her. In addition, her bathtub was filthy and ripe for such an experiment.

In lieu of the grapefruit Susan took her thirty spent lime halves, a box of kosher salt and headed toward the bathroom. Twenty minutes and one cramped hand later she proclaimed the tub clean!

Susan invites everyone to do their part to save the environment, if you choose to read the above referenced article be sure to scroll down read the comments from the two a**holes who wrote:

Oh, please!! I'm NOT going to waste a perfectly good grapefruit when I can use something else. This is ABSURD!

Useful tip for those with an abundantly-producing grapefruit tree. Ridiculous for everyone else. What a waste of food and money.


The Zadge said...

I'm so glad I can stop worrying about Susan getting scurvy.

Deidre said...

Seriously, all that lime juice! YUM.

Also, I need to start using those lemon rinds for cleaning. I keep saying it, but I must take the leap!

Those people are douchebags.

Meg at the Members Lounge said...

My new supermarket sells bottles of fresh lime and lemon juice. It makes me feel dishonest buying it but I do.

Cupcake Murphy said...

I LITERALLY solicit strangers to see if they'd like a lime snow cone just so I can use the "carcass" to shove down my garbage disposal and then get high on the fresh clean smell. The tub is next.