Susan is so sick of people talking to her.
Talking and talking and talking. Talking over songs on the  radio. Talking while Susan is reading. Talking while Susan is meditating on the beauty of absolute silence.

Honestly, Susan doesn't care about your dog or the old neighborhood or Obama or who that guy is over there or anything that involves words coming out of your mouth.

Normally Susan loves to talk. I mean, she really friggin' LOVES it. But lately she's had her fill. Right up to the rim. She avoids conversations, even eye contact, particularly with the husband.

She has been sharing one car with him for almost a year. Her car. One car two people. Now the only time she's truly alone is in the shower.
The husband ruins the sanctity of her morning commute by talking through it. He has also revealed a few tremendously annoying habits which she has grown to HATE.

Twenty two years of living together has been no match for a year in the car.


The Zadge said...

The grass is always greener. Sometimes, on weekends, this single girl won't utter a word to another human being other than to say Hello and Thank You to the Target checkout person. #TheSoundsofCrickets

Suburban Kamikaze said...

Susan's reader can relate, but will not elaborate because, unlike certain members of Susan's family, we can take a hint.


Cupcake Murphy said...


Meg at the Members Lounge said...

Shh! I just spent a week with my mother and her friend WHO LIKE TO TALK. If nothing else qualifies me for sainthood, it will be that trip.