For the last two weeks Susan has been too hot to BLAHg. And too lazy. It's exhausting arranging words in a clever order.
She's also spent that time fighting with the husband and being disgusted with her children because they're lazy.
Just like her.

Some things that happened during her Lazy Heatwave BLAHging Blackout were:
  • Susan saw a sign in a store window that read; All My Blessings Call Me Mother
  • One of Susan's blessings turned fifteen
  • Susan has a new fave used bookstore
  • Susan's other blessing presented her with Kanye's new record, and even though she likes some of the music she can't listen to the words. Click here and refer to just about any song
  • Susan's fig tree has two figs!
  • She spent a Sunday reorganizing her pantry-slash-laundry room
  • She bought some cheeky postcards in NYC
  • Susan had a conversation at a traffic light with a guy driving a '74 Gremlin


Where the Fur Flies said...

Used bookstores and figs are good. Kanye, not so much.

Carey Brown Strombotne said...

... not to mention guys in '74 Gremlins. It makes me wonder how Susan knew what year that Gremlin was.

Meg at the Members Lounge said...

Did the Gremlin guy have mutton chop sideburns and wink at you?