In the last 36 hours, between bitterness and self mandated enthusiasm, Susan saw these actual signs of seasonal rebirth:

Her fig tree has leaves!
Susan's fig tree spent the winter downstairs in a big pot. Prior to that it was in the living room, and before that it was outside her front door. She checked on it last week and it looked as dead as the Greek lady who sold it to her told her it would look. But, yesterday morning she went down there and it had leaves.

In her mind Susan heard her dead nanny declaring; Well, glory be!

Second were the green things pushing themselves up through the ground at the library. Susan was on her way to get some David Bowie music and took notice of what will likely end up being crocuses.

Lastly, Susan's son the wrestler flattened a mosquito in the hallway.


Carma Sez said...

this is all incredibly good news - especially re: the mosquito!

Meg at the Members Lounge said...

You guys have been crushed by winter this year. May your fig provide you a beacon of hope!