Susan drove into Brooklyn, USA to visit her girlfriend, GP.
A week earlier GP had driven to Brooklyn from South Dakota to visit her son's family; six people and a mother in law in a narrow apartment.

Susan loves driving in to Brooklyn because she gets to see the Manhattan skyline, bridges, the Statue of Liberty and some inner city graffiti. She also has a history of snagging great parking spots; like directly across the street from her destination or a short one block walk from a very well attended street fair. And it's not like Brooklyn isn't crawling with bearded hipster men in ill fitting clothes with full color back tattoos and infants swaddled against their chest in hippie slings taking up parking spots. Because they are.

Susan and GP ate Indian food, fried dough covered in powdered sugar, ducked into cute little over priced Park Slope shops and had to enjoy each other's company enough to hold them till the next trip.


Meg at the Members Lounge said...

Susan, that seems like a flippin' awesome day. Street fairs are so cool!

Mrs. Tuna said...

Love NY! Wanna go back soooooooonnnnnn!