The husband's two daughters have returned Susan's life to normal. She laughs and drinks wine and cleans and eats dinner and sleeps. The eldest arrived with a notebook filled with plans B and C, questions for the doctors and astounding confidence.

The daughters have no fear.
Susan is made up entirely of fear.

The daughters accompanied their father & Susan to Sloan Kettering for blood work, a hydration, three scans & an MRI. It was a long day which began with the husband curling up to sleep on Susan's lap in the waiting room. The hydration brought him back to life; he looked good (considering) and joked with everyone who came to ask his medical history, poke him with a needle or wheel him to the next room.

During the lengthiest procedure Susan & the girls ducked out for a cocktail and lovely NYC lunch at The Smith.  Four days earlier Susan was afraid she might pass out from the anxiety of waiting to speak to the husband's new doctor.

The daughters will return with their father, Susan & her little sister in three days to learn the results and treatment options.